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22 February 2014 @ 11:52 am
This is too sudden, I know. But please read until the end before start screaming how unfair I am.
So, I started this journal on January, 2012. It has been 2 years since then.
I have met lots of friends, readers and awesome writers. I feel happy.
I was young and carefree back then.
But now, as I graduated university, I will have to start earning my own money.
Doing jobs I've been desired.
That being said, I will have to... let's say, uh, protect my identity (?) better than now.
That's why I made a new LJ account, move there and close this account.

Deep breathe! I didn't say I would quit fandom.
I just move this journal to another account!

Basically, it won't be too different from this journal.
I will store all my fanfiction works there.
There will be some entries friend-locked, to protect them.

Right now, I am in the middle of processing the fics which are going to be kept on my other journal.
In another way to say, I will not move all of the fics but only some. Maybe the majority of them but not all.
Well first, it's too much. And second, I don't quite happy with those I'm going to abandon.
Mostly because my writing skills sucks.
But if you propose me some titles of your most favourite fics, I will be glad to keep them available for you.
The moving process will take time, so you don't need to rush :) All you need to do just leave comments or PM me.

To those who are curious and want to immediately take a tour to my new LJ account,
you can go directly here: fanaccismusfic
NOTE: I will keep this link until I finish moving out my fics. After that, you have to PM me.

That's all. Breathe easily now! I'm not going anywhere.